We specialize in the breeding of French Bulldogs. Our  French Bulldogs Puppies are bred from excellent bloodlines for health, temperament, and conformation (quality). AKC French Bulldog Home is a family of  French Bulldogs Lovers who have taken time and developed a small breeding program that offers healthy Pug and French Bulldogs . Our primary objective is to breed  French Bulldog  puppies that will meet and exceed the standards in terms of temperaments and to be amazing family pets. We have been involved with the  French Bulldog breed since 2005. 

We are always concerned with the health, conformation and temperament of all of our French Bulldog. We take pride in the fact that our French Bulldogs come from the nation’s best producers and winners, as well as some of the healthiest breeding stock you will ever find. You can rest assured that all the puppies offered at  French Bulldog Home are AKC Champion sired and come from excellent bloodlines.  

Over the years we have chosen and raised quality dogs and continue to keep selling commendable puppies at a high level. Our pets are provided with fresh clean water, high quality food, daily exercise, affection and outstanding general health care. Some of our  French Bulldogs have been placed with people with disabilities, as therapy dogs, and they have proven to be great companions.

Breed Info


The  French Bulldogs are small energetic breed. They have large, rounded, bat like ears and a square flat head, similar to that of a English Bulldog but smaller. Their skin is quite soft making them very appealing to pet. Very comical little dogs they are always great for a good laugh and long friendship.


 French Bulldogs are the perfect companion dogs much preferring to be around people than being left on their own. They crave human contact and enjoy nothing more than acting “the clown” whenever they can. They are considered to be of average intelligence but are able to learn new commands readily, once you get passed their stubborn streak. They are known to be easy-going and loyal companions to live with thanks to their sweet and affectionate natures. They are a good choice for people who live in smaller homes and apartments with the good news being they are not known to be “barkers” although they don’t like being left on their own.

Intelligence / Trainability

Pug and French Bulldogs are quite intelligent, but they do have a bit of a stubborn streak in them at times. The good news is that these little dogs like nothing better than to please which in short, means that with the right sort of handling they are easy to train. With this said, their training needs to start early and it’s essential that it remains consistent throughout a dog’s life.

Children and Other Pets

Thanks to their gentle natures and providing Pug and French Bulldogs are well socialised from a young age, they generally get on well with other animals and family pets. Early socialisation is essential as it will enhance their laid back but playful natures. They are also noted for being a breed that gets along extremely well with children of all ages because they always display a lot of patience and kindness towards younger members of a family, which is just another reason these little dogs have consistently remained high up on the list as a popular choice of family pet.

French Bulldog Health

The average life span of a Pug and French Bulldogs is between 12 to 16 years when properly cared for and fed a good quality diet that’s appropriate for their ages and any health issues a dog may be suffering from.

Caring for a Pug and French Bulldogs

As with any other breed, Pug and French Bulldogs need to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure their coats and skin are kept in tip-top condition, bearing in mind they are prone to suffering from skin issues. They also need to be given regular daily exercise so they stay fit and healthy. On top of this, Pug and French Bulldogs need to be fed a good quality diet throughout their lives to ensure all their nutritional needs are met.

Keeping vet appointments

French Bulldogs needs to have all their vaccinations at specific times so they are fully protected. It’s essential to keep vet appointments, not only for a puppy to be given their remaining jabs, but also so the vet can check them over for any health issues that may be brewing.


French Bulldogs needs regular grooming and ideally this needs to be done on a weekly basis paying special attention to under a dog’s tail. They have what is known as “deep tail pockets” which need to be kept clean of any dead hair, skin and other debris to avoid the area becoming sore and irritated. If left dirty, it could result in a painful infection taking hold. The best way to clean under a dog’s tail is to use a damp cloth and to towel dry the area gently, but thoroughly afterwards.


French Bulldogs needs to be fed more frequently than an adult, mature, older dog which in short means they need to be fed 3 or 4 times a day following a breeder’s guidelines. The thing to remember is that a puppy is still growing which they do in bursts and as such they need the right levels of vitamins and minerals in their diet to ensure healthy growth. Spreading the meals to 3 or 4 a day helps ensure that a puppy’s blood sugar levels don’t rise too dramatically in between meals which in turn helps maintain energy levels and the amount of nutrients in their systems t

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